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Common features:• Powered by JAPANESE LEDs. • Long life of LED bulbs up to 1,00,000 hrs. • Strong ABS body & PC glass. • Emergency Mobile charging facility. • 15+ hrs. backup after fully charged. • 3W Solar Panel used. • 6V/4.5 Ah SMF rechargeable battery used.Applications: Homes, Offices, Camping, etc.......

Common features:

• Powered by JAPANESE LEDs. 
• Long life of LED bulbs up to 1,00,000 hrs. 
• Strong ABS body & PC glass. 
• Emergency Mobile charging facility. 
• 15+ hrs. backup after fully charged. 
• 3W Solar Panel used. 
• 6V/4.5 Ah SMF rechargeable battery used.

Applications: Homes, Offices, Camping, etc....

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